• You Are Part of Our Education Team!

    Volunteers who are committed to helping students succeed are important members of the school team. The Suffolk Public Schools Volunteer Connect program aims to enrich the quality of education for our students by providing opportunities for parents and community members to become actively involved - bridging the gap between school and community. Every day, students and teachers across our school division benefit from the generosity of volunteers who take the time to share their talents.

    Volunteer Program Goals:

    • Enrich the curriculum
    • Enrich children’s learning opportunities
    • Provide help for individual students
    • Provide opportunities for meaningful service
    • Relieve teachers of some non-instructional tasks
    • Enhance a school and community partnership for quality education
    • Enhance all aspects of the educational process

Who Can Volunteer With SPS?

  • Who can Volunteer with Suffolk Public Schools? Any family member, guardian, community partner, or district employee at least 18 years of age who has completed the Suffolk Public Schools Volunteer Application.

    • Parents
    • Community members
    • Business partners
    • LISD staff 
    • Mentors and tutors
    • One-time guest speakers
    • Science fair judges
    • Booster club members
    • PTA/PTO groups
    • Currently enrolled Suffolk Public Schools students may volunteer in our district under the supervision of a district employee.