• Parents wishing to enroll their child in a full-time virtual program through Suffolk Public Schools may do so by:

      1. Completing the request for enrollment found here no later than May 10, 2024.

      2. Once enrollment has been completed by Suffolk Public Schools Auxiliary Programs Department, parents will receive an emailed invoice for payment from Virtual Virginia.  The payment will be made through the Parent Auditor Account of Virtual Virginia.  Parents may view information on the payment process at this link.

      3. The payment will be made to Virtual Virginia directly by the parent before:

        1. June 20, 2024 for any courses beginning with the fall semester of the  2024 - 2025 school year.

        2. December 5, 2024 for any courses beginning with the spring semester of the 2024 - 2025 school year.

      4. Costs:

        1. Elementary Students (K-5): $1,325.00 per semester; $2,650.00 per year.

        2. Secondary Students (6-12): $250.00 per full-year class (including high school fall and spring block classes), $125.00 per semester class.

      5. Payments must be made by the registration deadline or the child will be withdrawn from the Virtual Virginia classes in which they are enrolled.  

      6. Payments are non-refundable beyond the Virtual Virginia registration deadline.  

      7. Parents of students financially qualifying for free or reduced lunch (not through the current USDA CEP program) may request payment assistance of up to 50% by selecting this status on the form.  Parents approved for the payment assistance will pay Suffolk Public Schools by check (at least 40 days) or credit card (at least two weeks) before the Virtual Virginia registration deadlines.