School personnel CANNOT assume responsibility for students who are brought to school before 7:00 a.m. each morning. Students are not to arrive prior to that time. All students should arrive at school no later than 7:20 a.m. each morning. Students are considered tardy if the tardy bell rings and they have not reported to their 1st class of the day.

    Early Dismissal

    An authorized adult must provide picture identification and sign the Record of Early Dismissal ledger in the main office before any student is dismissed from our care. Students will be called from classes for an early dismissal upon arrival of the parent or authorized adult. The parent or authorized adult is required to sign the early dismissal ledger in the main office before departure. In order to prevent interruptions to the instructional process for all students, parents are asked to please make every effort not to take their children from school early unless there is a legitimate reason. *Picking students up every day at 1:30 to avoid the car line takes away 4500 minutes a year of student time in the classroom.

    Early Dismissal by someone other than guardian

    Students needing an early dismissal from school by someone other than a parent are to present a written statement to the main office prior to the BEGINNING of the first class period. This note must contain the following information: date; student's name; time of dismissal; reason for dismissal; who will be picking up the student and their relationship to the student; signature of parent/guardian, and phone number where the parent may be reached. Students will not be given an early dismissal without verbal confirmation from the parent.


    The instructional day ends at 2:00 p.m.  Announcements will be made daily over the public address system to designate the dismissal time for each grade level.


    • If you want your student to be an everyday walker you or your student must request the Everyday Walker Form from the front office.
    • Please note that the student's home address on file has to match the address they are walking to. Documentation and an explanation will need to be provided by the parent/guardian if it is different.
    • Once a student decides to be a walker, they are no longer allowed to ride a school bus without first obtaining a bus pass.  To do that, the parent has to contact the front office via e-mail or a written note.