Military Family Resources

  • Welcome to Suffolk Public Schools! 

    Suffolk Public Schools contact: 
    Dr. Rodney Brown

    Military Liason contact:
    Melissa Johnson  

    Suffolk Public School recognizes that military-connected students need guidance from understanding school administrators, staff, and teachers. Close to 1,000 of our students are connected to military families. SPS is dedicated to providing a welcoming and engaging school environment for all families. For military-connected students, this means understanding the unique challenges that come with military life, including frequent moves, long-term deployments, and juggling varying graduation standards from state to state.

    SPS partners with the military School Liaison Officer program to help provide families with transitional aid during reassignments.In addition, several of our schools have been assigned Military and Family Life Counselors to help military-connected families throughout the school day and throughout the school year.   

    We encourage families looking for assistance while relocating to Suffolk to take advantage of a number of resources available, including the following:

    Planning your Arrival at Suffolk Public Schools
    Information on the Registration process.

    Preparing your Move from Suffolk Public Schools
    Information on educational records requests and transfers is available from your school guidance counselor.