• Course Codes by Year: 8275/8276
    Grades: 10-12
    Two-Year Program
    Prerequisite for 8276: Culinary Arts I (8275)
    Credits: Three (3) Credits 1st year; Three (3) Credits 2nd year

    Students who have enthusiasm for preparing delicious, nutritious and tastefully presented meals, creative and organized, and able to work quickly and calmly under pressure should explore exciting training and career opportunities in the food service or hospitality industry!

    The Culinary Arts program is a two (2) year program that prepares students for entry-level employment in the Food Service and Hospitality industry and/or continues training through post-secondary education programs at the apprentice, associates, or baccalaureate level.

    Students learn about commercial kitchens, including large and small kitchen equipment, sanitation, safety, food preparation, culinary math, nutrition, and baking. Students engage in planning, preparing and serving catered events at The College and Career Academy At Pruden, and may participate in food competition for awards and/or scholarships. 

    Participation in the program prepares students to earn the ServSafe, National Occupational Competency Testing Institute (NOCTI) - Culinary Arts Prep, and Culinary Arts ACFcertifications, pending a successful outcome on the exam. 

    Occupations: Cook; Executive Chef; Food Service Manager; Meeting and Convention Planner

    Typical Salary in Virginia: $26,320- $81,150 depending on education level and specialization
    National Average Salary: $52,160

    Employment Outlook: Employment of chefs and head cooks is projected to remain steady from 2016 to 2026 with an average growth rate of 7 percent. Although overall job opportunities are expected to be good, competition is expected to be high for jobs at upscale restaurants, hotels, and casinos, where the pay tends to be greater.
      ServSafe  National Occupational Competency Testing Institute