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School Attendance


February 15, 2024

Parents and Guardians:

I am writing today to address a concern that we are seeing here at King’s Fork.  We are seeing an increasing number of students who are late to school, in some cases daily, and an increasing number of absences.  In a growing number of instances, students arriving late to school are missing most or all of 1st block.  This results in an inadequate amount of “seat time” for your student in the class they are missing and could possibly lead to failure of that class.  This also applies to students who are picked up early daily, missing instructional time in their last class of the day. 

Students should be inside the building no later than 8:15 each morning.  School dismisses at 3:00pm.  Students who drive should be here by 8:15 and should be entering through door 19 each morning.  Failure to arrive on time could result in suspension of driving privileges.  Chronic tardiness or absence will trigger truancy proceedings, ultimately prompting the school division to file legal proceedings to assure your child attends school regularly.  Details of this policy can be found on the division website in the student handbook, pages 16-17.

We appreciate your attention to this matter.  Late arrivals and early dismissals are not only disruptive to your child’s education, but also to the students in the classrooms where your child will be entering late or being called out early.  Please help us to make sure all King’s Fork students succeed by making sure your student is in school on time daily. 

Second semester has just begun.  Let’s make it a great one!




Derrick Bryant
Principal, KFHS