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Sowing Positive Seeds Will Help You See Everything as a Possibility!

Guess who’s in the CCAP House? Ryan Foster, former CCAP student/CTE Success Star, and Training Supervisor-Liebherr Mining Equipment (LME), along with Bobby Shirk, CCAP’s Adult Ed welding completer, LME Apprentice graduate and son of Mr. Thomas Shirk (CCAP’s welding teacher) visited CCAP’s welding class to share their work experience in the field of welding with our CCAP students.  Both Ryan and Bobby demonstrated various welding techniques, in conjunction with providing information as it relates to the importance of preparation for careers in the area of Manufacturing, which is the career cluster that welding falls under.  

We always get excited when our partners come to CCAP to check in on our students. These young men are sowing into our students because they have discovered a treasure here at CCAP!