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Empower Wednesdays: A Parent Webinar Series

Empower Wednesdays is a 30-minute monthly webinar series offering practical tips and resources for parents to support their children's learning. All webinars will be held on the designated Wednesday at 1:00pm via Zoom. Click the link to register! 

Webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the Parent Resource Center webpage. See below for upcoming webinar dates and discussion topics:

  • January 17th: Mid-Year Momentum: Evaluating and Strategizing for the Second Semester: Kickstart the latter half of the school year with 'Mid-Year Momentum,' a session dedicated to evaluating progress and strategizing for a successful second semester.
  • February 14th: Love of Reading: Fostering Literacy and Enjoyment at Home: February's 'Love of Reading' webinar will guide you in nurturing a passion for literacy at home with strategies for choosing captivating books and interactive reading.
  • March 13th: March into Math: Fun and Effective Math Strategies for Home: "Join 'March into Math' to discover engaging and enjoyable math activities that turn everyday moments into opportunities for learning."
  • April 17th: Spring into Success: Preparing for Standardized Tests and SOLs: ”Tune in to 'Spring into Success' for expert tips on test preparation and confidence-building techniques for standardized assessments and SOLs.
  • May 1st: May Milestones: “Reviewing Progress and Preparing for Transitions: ”Our 'May Milestones' session will help you assess the year's achievements and navigate the upcoming educational transitions smoothly.
  • June: 5th: Summer Strategies: Keeping Skills Sharp and Minds Engaged: Get ready for 'Summer Strategies' to explore fun and educational activities that will keep your child's learning sharp over the summer break.