Summer Series Virtual In-Services

Posted on 07/07/2022

Join Suffolk Public Schools’ Special Education Department in our Summer Series sessions to begin July 14th through August 4th.  Each session will be offered twice during the summer, 10:00 am and 7:00 pm. Families have the option to choose the time that works best for them. Each session will focus on a topic that will provide strategies to support varying disability based needs while learning how to use common household items and manipulatives supplied by the facilitator.  To register for one or more of the Summer Series sessions, please go to and complete the registration form.

Assistive Technology

Students and families will learn about low tech and high-tech strategies that can assist your student with increasing his/her academic success. This includes organization and focusing skills. Patrice Gantt, Assistive Technology Specialist, will be your presenter.

Stress and Anxiety Management

Stress and anxiety is a concern for many of our students. During this session, students and families will learn ways to assist with reducing stress and anxiety in various situations.  Two Suffolk Public Schools Social Workers, Precious Bess and Jackita George, will be your guides.

Reading Strategies

Educational Diagnosticians, Nicole Parker, Katelyn Herbaugh, and Lisa O’Donnell, along with the Reading Specialist, Melissa Twisdale, will guide students and families through reading techniques that can be easily incorporated into their daily lives. 

Math Strategies

Educational Diagnosticians, Krystal Reid and Vallen Cordon, and Math Specialist, Patricia Waegerle, will guide students and families through different math approaches that can be easily used to improve current skills. 

Fine Motor Skills and Sensory Needs

Sara Stuffel is a veteran Occupational Therapist who has supported Suffolk Public Schools students for years. In this session, families will learn exercises she uses specifically to strengthen  and/or support sensory and fine motor skills.  

Strategies for Improving Executive Functioning

Executive Functioning refers to a set of mental skills that include memory, flexible thinking, and the ability to organize processes or thought.  It is more commonly seen as a symptom of diagnosis of ADHD, Autism, etc. During this presentation, School Psychologists Jeffrey Benton and Kim Franczak, and Margaret Overath  will share techniques that can be used to help students improve their organization and focus.

Behavior Management

We all have times when we feel overwhelmed, angry, and down.  Nadine Pittman, Behavior Therapist, will provide students and families with ways to identify these and other feelings while providing coping strategies that can be used at home and in school.