Partners in Education

  • Suffolk Public Schools and Community Partnerships

    Suffolk Public Schools are enriched by the committed, supportive community of parents, volunteers, and business/community partners. Their involvement makes a difference to the quality of our city as well as our schools. Together we are preparing our students for life and work in the 21st century. 

    By fostering connections and building relationships, the Suffolk Public Schools Office of Communications and Community Engagement facilitates programs that promote the meaningful involvement of partners, parents, volunteers and community members. These alliances improve student achievement through mutually beneficial relationships and shared resources. The relationships increase student motivation and provide access to new technology and information. Through the partnerships, the school's resources are shared with the community, allowing them to experience the many positive aspects of the schools, including educators' and students' creativity and talents. Our children learn that the Suffolk community values public education and them. They also learn the importance that these organizations place on serving the Suffolk community. 

    The school division's commitment to supporting academic achievement through community partnership and involvement thrives as a result of the collective efforts of the division's principals, teachers, parents, students, school partnership liaisons, PTA volunteer coordinators, Suffolk Education Foundation board members and more. Our community is truly helping us to connect our students to the future.

    Suffolk Public Schools and Community Partnerships

    The mission of the Partners-In-Education program is to develop an alliance between Suffolk Public Schools and the Suffolk business and civic community to enhance and enrich education by sharing knowledge, expertise and resources. A Partners-In-Education partnership is a mutually supportive agreement between a school and a business, government agency or community organization in which parties commit to specific activities intended to benefit students, improve student achievement, and help accomplish improvement goals. Each school has a community engagement partnership liaison who collaborates with other school personnel to nurture relationships that match the mutual needs and objectives of the school and the partner. 

    Your business or organization may initiate a community partnership by:

    • Contacting the school you wish to partner with and speaking with the school’s Partner in Education Liaison;
    • Submitting a completed Partners in Education Information Interest Form to, to connect you with a school that best matches your interest; or
    • Contacting our Office of Communication & Community Engagement to learn more about how your organization can become a Suffolk Public Schools Partner in Education.