Empower Wednesdays

  • Empower Wednesdays is a 30-minute monthly webinar series offering practical tips and resources for parents to support their children's learning. All webinars will be held on the designated Wednesday at 1:00pm via Zoom. Webinars will be recorded and uploaded to the Parent Resource Center webpage.  
    January 17th: Mid-Year Momentum: Evaluating and Strategizing for the Second Semester: Kickstart the latter half of the school year with 'Mid-Year Momentum,' a session dedicated to evaluating progress and strategizing for a successful second semester.

    February 14th: Love of Reading: Fostering Literacy and Enjoyment at Home: February's 'Love of Reading' webinar will guide you in nurturing a passion for literacy at home with strategies for choosing captivating books and interactive reading.

    March 13th: March into Math: Fun and Effective Math Strategies for Home: "Join 'March into Math' to discover engaging and enjoyable math activities that turn everyday moments into opportunities for learning."

    April 17th: Spring into Success: Preparing for Standardized Tests and SOLs: ”Tune in to 'Spring into Success' for expert tips on test preparation and confidence-building techniques for standardized assessments and SOLs.

    May 1st: May Milestones: “Reviewing Progress and Preparing for Transitions: ”Our 'May Milestones' session will help you assess the year's achievements and navigate the upcoming educational transitions smoothly.

    June: 5th: Summer Strategies: Keeping Skills Sharp and Minds Engaged: Get ready for 'Summer Strategies' to explore fun and educational activities that will keep your child's learning sharp over the summer break.

    Register at Empower Wednesdays   Check out the January Parent Pulse for additional information.