• Students must be enrolled and have a home zoned school in Suffolk Public Schools.
    • Follow the SPS Code of Conduct and Acceptable Use Policy.

    • Attend the zoned home school building for all required standardized state and federal testing (e.g., SOL, etc.). Transportation will be provided on the designated testing days

    • Certain electives may not be available in the SPS Virtual Learning Program.

    • International Baccalaureate (IB), Project Lead the Way (PLTW), Center for Production and Performing Arts (CPPA),  College and Career Academy at Pruden (CCAP), Advanced Placement (AP), and ROTC courses will not be offered through the SPS Online/VVA Program. Students must attend school for these offerings. (Please note: Some Advanced Placement courses are offered through Virtual Virginia (VVA).

    • The Home Access Center (HAC) will be used to monitor grades and progress.

    • Actively participate virtually for the full school day.

    • Have someone at home who can help support (if needed) with school work during school hours.

    • Follow all attendance regulations defined in the SPS Attendance Policy. Attendance violations may result in removal from the program and forfeiture of payment.

    • Must use a Suffolk Public Schools issued device while in the program.

    • Have access to a strong and reliable high-speed internet connection. This does not include hotspots or Kajeet devices.

    • Possess basic computer skills and be comfortable using the internet for independent learning activities, Google Suite applications, and the Canvas learning management system.

    • Student Administrative Withdrawal for Absenteeism (No refund)
      If a student is reported as absent for four consecutive days (excluding weekends) the student, family, mentor, and counselor will receive an automated "no login or activity" performance alert via email. Students who are identified by a "no login or activity" performance alert a second time or who are inactive or fail to complete coursework over a second four-calendar-day period may be academically withdrawn from the VVA course.

    • Student Administrative Academic Withdrawals (No refund)
      A student with a consistently low course average may be academically withdrawn from the VVA course according to the following course average thresholds and timeframes:

      • 20% withdrawal near the start of each semester

      • 40% withdrawal by the midpoint of each semester

    Students with an average under 20% who are withdrawn after the first month of a semester are not eligible for reinstatement. Students with an average under 40% who are withdrawn at the midpoint of a semester are eligible for reinstatement. To be reinstated in a course, a student will be required to participate in an academic conference involving the student, family, counselor or mentor, and a VVA administrator. The student will need to demonstrate adequate progress on goals established during the academic conference. Reinstatement conferences must be held within two weeks of the academic withdrawal date.

    The student may be placed on a Pace Recovery Plan (PRP) after demonstrating progress on current assignments. The PRP is designed to support a student in completing missing coursework and catching up with their cohort. Students who do not adhere to the PRP in its entirety will be academically withdrawn from VVA courses.

    In situations where students are withdrawn from classes for any reason, those families whose students have been accepted as special exceptions, or who are approved for partial payment, will be responsible to reimburse Suffolk Public Schools for any non-refundable tuition that has been paid.  Exceptions will be considered for extreme, documented, medical situations.